About Us

 - Who We Are -

The two founders of Jade Souk wanted to pair their love of travel and different cultures by sourcing specialty goods locally from different countries.  We would come back after traveling and working overseas and noticed we missed things from those areas, whether decorations or practical home products for everyday use.  

And it wasn't just us, friends and family who received gifts or saw the items we brought back wanted more too. As it turned out, trips for work and study soon became opportunities to bring back supplies for friends, family, and coworkers.  From this experience, we came to realize that bringing back larger quantities of specialty goods and selling them to the public could be a viable business.

- The Name -

During their time overseas, the founders studied foreign languages to gain better access to the cultures that surrounded them. In doing so they gained a greater appreciation for words. This attention to words was important in choosing a company name.

The name Jade Souk evokes the old silk road -- the connection of East and West. Jade has been prized in China and the Far East for millennia, and beyond its aesthetic value, the ancients imbued it with spiritual significance. Souk, pronounced "sook," mean marketplace in Arabic. The word conjures up the bustling markets of Middle East that in medieval times first brought together exotic goods from both the East, the West and Africa in significant quantities.

By sourcing goods directly from markets overseas and bringing them home to you, "Jade Souk" aspires to bring you back in time, to discover unique products and encounter the cultures that produced them.

- Our Products - 

We are happy to provide our customers with a fine array of distinct items, whether they be affordable gifts items or one of a kind pieces of art. We personally travel to and procure items from markets and towns in Asia, Africa and beyond. Our goal is to offer products that we feel could fit tastefully in any American home, while still reflecting the traditions and ingenuity of the cultures that produce them.

Many of our products are handmade from local, natural materials such as wood, silk, bamboo, clay, and shell. We value sustainable materials and those that benefit local markets and traditional craftsmen. Among our products, you will find Indian scarves, Japanese bowls, Chinese porcelains, Korean lacquer-ware, African carvings and more.

We ship all our products across the US from our online store and occasionally feature products at fairs, festivals, and cultural events around the mid-Atlantic.

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Jade Souk

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